Just how important is safety in the workplace? In 2013, 4,585 workers were killed on the job according to OSHA statistics and there were slightly more than 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses. It really doesn’t get any more serious than that and is why we make teaching, training and implementing workplace safety an integral part of who we are as a company.

It’s not just lip service to say that safety has to be everyone’s focus to avoid injuries and keep workplaces safe. We want our Associates to get home from work in the same condition as when they arrived! This can only happen when every person at every stage of the process is engaged and involved in safety.

Safety testing and training is built into the very beginning stages of our recruiting and staffing process and continues once an Associate is placed on assignment. When companies have a great safety program in place, we partner with them to make sure our Associates are receiving safety training and information from us and while on the job.

We are extremely proud of our safety record and think it speaks to our commitment as we had one of our best safety record years ever! We plan on continuing to strive for one of the best safety records in the staffing industry.

In working with clients, we take a partnership perspective in handling workplace safety. We try very hard to work with businesses that are like-minded and take safety in the workplace seriously. We want partners who take safety just as seriously as we do.

In some cases we have partnered with companies who wanted to improve and enhance their own safety programs by helping to design safety initiatives that we can then help implement.

Not all workplace injuries occur on construction sites or in manufacturing environments. There are many injuries that occur in the office. Training professional and office employees on safe habits is just as important as training in manufacturing environments. There are many falls, trips, and repetitive stress related injuries that occur in the office. Discussing these potential injuries up front with employees can dramatically reduce the number of injuries you see in a given year as well as help to protect employees.

Intention, focus, and training all make a significant and positive impact on preventing potential injuries in the workplace. It’s worth your time to think about your safety program and just remember the advice that your grandmother probably gave you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!