Gone are the days when you would pick up the Sunday newspaper and hope to find just about every job opening in your area. It’s not quite that easy anymore as many companies and businesses have transitioned to posting jobs online.

The difficult part of the shift away from job listings in the newspaper is that jobs can be listed just about anywhere. Here at AccuForce, we post all of our open jobs on our own internal websites job board, but we also post many of our open listings on job sites such CareerBuilder and Indeed.

There are about a million and three places to look for a job these days. With so many different sources, where do you turn? The quick (but never very helpful answer) is EVERYWHERE! The longer answer is that it really depends on what type of work you are looking for or are qualified to do. There are specialized job boards for almost every industry not to mention the large job boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, ZipRecruiter and SimplyHired.

In today’s world, you really do have to cover your bases and search multiple sites and sources. There are some companies who do still advertise in the paper as well and you can’t overlook print as a resource.

Oh yeah, don’t forget social media! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can also be sources to find out about jobs. Ask your friends on social media, follow or like pages like our AccuForce Facebook page or Twitter account where we post about open jobs.

Coming into one of our offices to register is still a great way to find jobs and meet the recruiters who could help you in your job search. When you come into a branch you will complete an interview, paperwork and an application. Even if there isn’t an open position at that moment, you’re registered in the system and the moment something is a fit, recruiters will reach out to you.

Our recruiters work day in and day out staffing all kinds of different positions and having you at their fingertips means that your chances of getting hired just got better!

Onwards and upwards job seekers! We’re with you!